Pain & Pleasure at Mount Snow – VT

french toast @ the bnb me after falling @ mt snow
waffle @ mt snow fresh strawberries @ the bnb

Most people lose weight after snowboarding all day, three days in a row. Me, I gain weight. You really can’t blame me. I mean Vermont is the land of cheese and maple syrup. How could you not gain weight? And of course, waking up every morning with new aches and pains in different parts of my body, my brain was misled to think I had exercised more than I had, giving me an excuse to pig out, when in fact, most of my soreness was probably due to falling from the lift repeatedly throughout the weekend. Anyhow, the trip was, as my friend Dave would say, “awesome,” with lots of yummy treats, but for me, by far, the highlight was the sugar waffle at Mount Snow.

fresh strawberries @ the bnb

David and our friends, Dave and Jen — who joined us on the awesome Vermont trip — may disagree with me. I’m sure for them, their favorites meals were the breakfasts at the quaint, albeit cold at night, Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Marlboro. It’s a sound case. Breakfast began with fresh fruits every morning, followed by either farm-fresh eggs, French toast, or a crunchy waffle along with three strips of bacon for us non-vegetarians. By the way, I was tempted to ask for David’s bacon, but I decided six strips of bacon, three days straight, wasn’t the smartest of ideas, so I settled for just three strips a day. So for those who think I don’t, I do have a modicum of self-restraint.

french toast @ the bnb

I thought the French toast was the tastiest out of all the breakfast options. The French toast was pillowy soft on the inside, fried crisp on the outside, and dusted with sweet powdered sugar. Drizzled with Vermont maple syrup, and hot melted butter, the French toast really couldn’t be any better.

waffle cabin @ mt snow

However, for me, the entire trip up to Vermont — including the seven hour drive on the way when we hit traffic big time — was worth it for the sugar waffle at the bottom of the slopes at Mount Snow. Each day, at the end of a run, I was greeted by the warm aroma of waffles wafting from The Waffle Cabin. The first two days, luckily for my waistline, but not so much for my stomach, I couldn’t buy a waffle because I only had a credit card (the Waffle Cabin is cash-only), and David was no where to be found . The third day, again I didn’t have time to go to the ATM, and David somehow forgot his cash in the car. Luckily though, Dave had some money to lend me, and at the end of the day, the sugar waffle was finally mine to be had.

waffle @ mt snow

The Belgian Sugar Waffle with caramelized pearl sugar, and topped with melted chocolate ($4.50) was the perfect end to three days of intense snowboarding. I usually opt for the waffle without the chocolate, but this time, I went for the chocolate topping, and oh lord, was it good. The gooey chocolate was a nice contrast to the thin shell of caramelized sugar covering the hot waffle. The waffle, as you guessed it, was awesome.

Now three days back in NYC, most of the soreness in my limbs is gone, but the memory of the delicious waffle lingers. I can’t wait to go back to Mount Snow for waffles, er…, I mean to go snowboarding.

Mount Snow Resort
The Waffle Cabin (betw the Grand Summit Express & the Summit Local)
39 Mount Snow Road
West Dover, Vermont 05356

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  1. ekim paehc

    I want to die and come back as David so I can join you on your next trip to Vermont. French Toast, Skiing, and the company of a beautiful bionic woman. Just wondering what the origins of your name was. You have gained a faithful reader via a link on Midtown Lunch. I just wish you posted as frequently as he does.

  2. bionicgrrrl

    @sammyw Yeah, the waffles I get at restaurants in NY are never as good as the ones from the slopes in Vermont! They must add magic.

    @ekim Growing up, I was a big fan of the Bionic Woman and X-men, and I always wanted a superpower. Unfortunately, I am superpowerless except for the fact that I can eat mostly anything, hence the name of this blog: Bionic Bites.

    I try to post as often as I can, but I have a full-time job, so I try to squeeze in blogging whenever I can. Hopefully this year, I’ll update more often. And I’m glad to hear you are a faithful reader!

    @Hillary – I’ve never been to Belgium. I’m dying to go. Beer, pomme frites, mussels, and waffles; it just sounds amazing!

  3. bionicgrrrl

    @Virginie Most definitely!

    @Kenny I went to Petite Abeille this week, but was too stuffed to try the waffles. Will try it next time. By the way, the Jamaican curry mussels there are fantastic.

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