Lamb Pita at Kwik Meal – NYC

Lamb Pita @ Kwik Meal

It’s in the twenties these days in New York, which is pretty darn cold. Speaking of which, why are women’s fashions so freaking useless? I got a cute wool blazer recently, but the sleeves are 3/4, so now when I walk around outside, my forearms are freezing, while the rest of my body is toasty warm. Well, I guess I should just be grateful 3/4 length pants aren’t in fashion now. Sheesh.

So anyway, today it was crazy cold, so I decided to take my frozen forearms over to Kwik Meal to get a Lamb Pita. I figure, in this weather, the street vendors need my support. God love them, rain or shine, they’re always there, ready to serve you with a smile. That’s more than I can say about the service at the golden arches and the like. Really, I can’t deal with teenage angst when I’m hungry.

The Lamb Pita ($6.50) at Kwik Meal is a good option when you want something a bit lighter than your regular street fare. It’s a decent size that fills you up, but doesn’t make you go into a coma after lunch. Also, the lamb in pita is not gyro meat off a gyro spit. It’s actual cubes of delicious lamb seasoned with cumin and coriander, covered with their famous tangy yogurt sauce, and wrapped in a soft grilled pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and minced jalapenos. According to Mohammed Rahman, the owner of the Kwik Meal empire and former sous-chef (hence the chef’s hat) at the Russian Tea Room, the secret to their succulent lamb is marinating the meat in green papayas, which he learned from his mother. Moms know best. I think this may be the reason the lamb at Kwik Meal never tastes gamey. Whatever the case, the Lamb Pita is good. I especially like the spiciness from the fresh minced jalapenos. I usually don’t need extra hot sauce, but if you like extreme heat, feel free to ask for some hot sauce on the side. They are always happy to oblige.

IMGP9257This Friday, the low is going to 10°F. It’s going to be ridiculously cold and you’ll be tempted to eat in your sterile yet climate-controlled cafeteria. Whatever you do, don’t do it! Don’t let the weather stop you from eating something tasty while at the same time supporting your favorite street vendor. Trust me, your office cafeteria will not miss your money.

Kwik Meal
45th St (betw 7th & 6th Ave, closer to 6th)
New York, NY 10036

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  1. kitlee

    if you still have that blazer you should buy elbow length gloves lined with cashmere or rabbit fur! =) warm and cute.

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