Possible Price Hike at Ying Du – NYC

Ying Du back in Business

So many of you know that Ying Du is back in business since they were closed by the DOH two weeks ago. If you didn’t, they’re open. So today I went to get my weekly duck fix, and when I went to pay, a strange thing happened. The woman at the register said my order was $5.50 instead of the usual $5 because I got a leg. Mind you, I didn’t order a leg, the woman just filled the container with leg, thigh, and breast meat like they normally do. I asked if the price went up, but she said it didn’t and that it’s always an extra fifty cents for legs. Now I’ve been going to Ying Du for more than a year and this is news to me. It seems to me every time they close and then reopen the prices go up. Before they renovated, duck over rice was $4.50. After the numbering system, it went up to $5. Now it’s $5.50. I really shouldn’t be complaining, considering they have the best roast meats in Midtown and the ridiculous amount they give you for the price. But, hey, sometimes I’m a cheap bastard and I get cranky when I’m hungry. In any case, be forewarned, you may or may not be charged an extra fifty cents.

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