Le P’tit Plateau – QC

foie gras @ Le P'tit Plateau

Foie Gras @ Le P’tit Plateau

A month ago, my friend Miguel suggested we go to Montreal for a 3-day weekend. Since I’m always up for a trip where I know there will be good food, I agreed immediately. In the next few days, I convinced David and Sue, and on Friday, after work, the four of us were off on a road trip to Montreal.

Before we left, I made reservations at Le P’tit Plateau. I had read good things about the restaurant on CHOW, and I have to say all of us were really happy we went. I started off with the house foie gras. There is actually just half a serving in the picture above. This is because I decided to split the appetizer with Miguel. I don’t know about you, but foie gras is always painfully filling for me. On numerous occasions I overdid it and felt awful afterwards. I realize an enjoyable meal is all about portion control! The foie gras was served cold with thinly roasted onions and raisins in a sweet reduction (port wine?). This was very good.

wine @ Le P'tit Plateau

We also enjoyed some wine with our meal that we picked up in Old Montreal. Le P’tit Plateau is a BYOB. I just love BYOBs! They really should have more in New York.

duck stuffed w/ foie gras @ Le P'tit Plateau

I took a pic of Sue’s duck stuffed with foie gras. I had a bite of her’s and I have to say it was really moist. It’s a shame when duck is overcooked to the point it’s dry. Sue liked her duck a lot, but unfortunately couldn’t finish it because it was so huge.

sweetbreads @ Le P'tit Plateau

For my main course, I had the sweet breads. I love sweet breads and these were cooked perfectly with some caramelization going on. Isn’t the picture pretty? Yum…..

profiteroles @ Le P'tit Plateau

At this point, we were all stuffed but of course we had to have dessert. Sue and I got the profiteroles to share. These were OK. I never go insanely crazy for profiteroles. I did think they were very cute in that they looked like mushrooms.

sorbet @ Le P'tit Plateau

David had a sorbet trio. I believe he got mango and raspberry. The third I don’t remember, but in general, all three were refreshing and nice. Sorbet is usually my go-to-dessert after a heavy meal. For me, it just cleans the palate.

I have to say the quality of the food was extremely high compared to the amount we all paid. Even with the US Dollar being slighlty weaker than the Canadian Dollar (egads!), the cost of the meal was very reasonable. I definitely would go back to Le P’tit Plateau. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and all night afterwards Sue talked about her duck that she never got to finish.

Le P’tit Plateau
330, rue Marie-Anne E corner Drolet
Montreal, Québec, H2W 1B1

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