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la del gato arepa @ caracas arepa bar

La Del Gato @ Caracas Arepa Bar

This is a short post about Caracas Arepa Bar. I have a million photos that I took before I started this blog, so I’ve been going through them and picking out the memorable ones.

I always pass by Caracas on the way to Tompkins. (David and I are like a senior citizen couple. We like to go sit at the park on the weekends.) So one Sunday, we decided to pop in and get an arepa at Caracas To Go. I got the La Del Gato, which is an arepa stuffed with guayanés cheese, fried sweet plantains, and avocado. Now the arepas I’ve eaten in the past have been yellow arepas, which are made from yellow corn, and extremely greasy. The arepas at Caracas are white, made from white corn. They were less sweet and less heavy than the arepas I’ve had, and although there was a distinctive grease smell in the air, the La Del Gato didn’t taste too greasy. The avocado and cheese filling went well with the arepa, and the lightness of both ingredients made the it taste almost healthy, but in a good way. David got the La Mulata, which was stuffed with jalapeño grilled cheese, sautéed red peppers, fried sweet plantains and black beans. His was good (nice and spicy!), but I preferred mine because it was lighter and you could taste all the components distinctly. In any case, both were really filling even though the arepas looked small.

@ caracas arepa bar

According to the sign, you should expect a wait, but we got our food really quickly. My only recommendation when going there would be to take your food to go. Since they do make everything when you place your order, including the frying/grilling, and the place is pretty tiny, the smell of the oil clings to you. We left stinky but happy.

91 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009

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  1. NYC Food Guy

    Great post and great photos throughout the entire site. I’ve been meaning to go to Caracas for a while now, especially since I moved down to 14th and A. This is just more motivation now. Keep up the good work.

  2. Milucho

    Guys!!!! Remember…
    A REAL arepa are only filled with:
    1.- Black beans and with cheese
    2.- Stuffed or “Mechada” meat
    3.- Jam and cheese (Andino smocked is the best!)
    4.- Revoltillo (Scrambled eggs with onion and tomatoes)
    5.- Reina Pepiada (Boiled chicken, avocados, mayonaise and pettit pois)….

  3. bionicgrrrl

    @Milucho Regardless whether Caracas is authentic or not, they are really good. But I’m down with authentic arepas. Have a recommendation in NYC? I’m always open.

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